About us

Since 1987 Kang Yang Hardware Enterprises has been one of the world’s leading and prestigious manufacturers specializing in plastic hardware and electronic components. With over ten thousand types of products developed in product range, Kang Yang positioned itself as one stop shop and take pride in offering our customers quality products and services. With premises in Taiwan, China, Japan, United States and Europe Kang Yang is a truly international corporation serving clients in more than 100 countries.

Kang Yang Europe was established to support the strong growth of Kang Yang Hardware Enterprises from Taiwan. Since our inception in 2014 we have made a meaningful contribution to a further development of the European business of Kang Yang. Our Warehouse and Sales Office is centrally located in The Netherlands at a convenient distance from Amsterdam airport and Rotterdam seaport. This geographically favorable position makes it possible to supply our parts within 24 hours throughout Europe. Our international oriented staff has a proven track record in the plastic component and connector Industry.

Working very closely with the engineering teams in Taiwan and China we are capable of developing new products within a few weeks utilizing our in-house tool shops equipped with state of the art machinery.