Kang Yang: offering a wide variety of plastics hardware and accessories since 1987

Website & Product database

Browse more than 10,000+ products ranging from screws, mounts, supports, LED supports, etc. Developing a new and improved online catalog is just one of the many ways we’ve expanded to increase our customer service and client ease of use.

As another feature, we’re currently developing our European distributor list. Please be patient while we structure the distribution channels to better meet our clients needs.

Custom design requests welcome!

Need a product that doesn’t exist? We can make it. Kang Yang Europe has 3 manufacturing locations featuring experienced engineers and product development staff. Request a custom product or quote through the options below!

Meet the team

Mr. and Mrs. Kang hosted our first annual Global Sales Meeting on January 12-15th. The Asian, American and European sales managers spent many hours strategizing on new products and procedures to better serve our global customer base. We also toured the Taichung Taiwan manufacturing facility (1 of 3 in Asia) and were brought up to speed on the latest CNC/EDM tool making equipment and injection machines. These latest updates allow for both increased speed and precision in our tool making process.